Step 1 – We Listen

The first step in any successful business promotion is for us to fully understand your organisation, what you have to offer and what you wish to achieve.

Step 2 – We Research

We research your marketplace, your competitors and potential customer base to identify the most appropriate channels to bring you and your customers  together.

Step 3 – We Advise

We will present a proposal based upon our research highlighting what we feel are the appropriate means of promoting your business for maximum ROI.

Step 4 – We Deliver

We will use our experience and expertise to put the proposal into action and take a very hands-on approach throughout any marketing campaign.

Website Design is Key to Converting Visitors to Customers!

In the real world, hiring someone to direct people on the street to your shop which has a hand painted sign, broken window and no till would be a waste of resources: the same is true for the online world! We design eye-catching, interactive websites that reflect your brand, company ethos and goods/services in an appealing and professional manner ensuring visitors take notice.

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Website Design is Key to Converting Visitors
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Our complete range of online services can be fully integrated into a single campaign for maximum ROI enjoying our expertise across the range from marketing and promotion to website design, hosting and email accounts.

Internet Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Website Design & Hosting

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Email Marketing

Promotional Print Media


What Would Online Marketing Do For My Company?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

If you offer a great product or services and have a great website but noone can find it then you are wasting money! Our Search Engine Optimistion (SEO) packages increase your visibility in the major search engines ensuring potential customers can find your website.


What Would Your Services Do For My Company?

Social Media Marketing

Our work across the major social media platforms would increase your online visibility to your target audience and engage with them to drive-up interest and, ultimately, sales and orders.


What Would Online Marketing Do For My Company?

Email Marketing

A good database of contacts is essential for customer retention and future sales but is of no use if it's never used! We will design specific email campaigns to send out regularly to your client lists and and can provide data lists and data capture services where required.


What Would Online Marketing Do For My Company?

Pay-Per-Click Adverstising (PPC)

PPC advertising is a great way to gent an instant ROI and we can have your ad campaigns up and running in no time! We undertake research, write your ads and manage/monitor your campaigns to ensure you get the best leads to convert into sales.

Design the Web in Your Image

We offer a complete range of web services to project the right image online for your business to your customers


Be objective, ask yourself the following questions about your current website: does it compare well with your competitors, do any of your website visitors convert to customers, can a visitor navigate from any part of the site to any other within 3 clicks or less, does your website change its layout and style to render well on mobile tablets and phones, does it convey the benefits of using your company and its goods/services on the home page and is your content regularly updated and fresh? If the answer to any of these questions is ‘no’, then you are seriously under-utilising the power of a website as a marketing tool and sales funnel for new and existing customers. Using the latest technology, design techniques and principles we can produce a stunning website that will not only reflect your business/brand but engage with visitors and increase conversions rates.

Having a great looking website that falls foul of an inefficient hosting environment is like throwing money down the drain. For website to be accessible online their files need to be located on a server: if the server is low powered, the loading and navigation through a website’s pages can be slow and if it is poorly maintained the website can frequently be offline. Either scenario has the dual effect of visitors leaving for one of your competitors and in search engines ranking your website lower and lower in the search results and thus a decrease in visits and conversions. We offer a complete range of both Linux and Windows servers from high-end dedicated servers to shared VPS hosting to suit all budgets and requirements. In addition, all our server accounts are backed-up twice daily so should anything untoward happen, we can simply recover the account from a backup and our accounts are also fully managed so you don’t need to understand them!

For service-based businesses, a ‘brochure-style’ website extolling the benefits of the company is usually the most appropriate however, for those selling goods it is becoming increasingly essential to offer online e-commerce facilities. We offer a complete range of e-commerce solutions to business from a small page selling a couple of items up to a site selling thousands of items! We specifically tailor the solution to the client and all our systems come with an ‘Admin Area’ through which orders, customers and products can easily be self-managed along with a variety of reporting and accounting tools. We can also integrate with a wide-range of online payment processors such as Paypal and Sage and, if you use multiple channels through which to sell your goods such as E-Bay and Amazon, we help with integrating them all into a single Admin Area for ease of management.

In addition to the core services mentioned across the other tabs, we aim to provide a one-stop-shop for all the web needs of business. Our complete range of services are too numerous to mention but rest assured that whatever you require, we can provide it and get you up and running online.  All our hosting accounts come with email functionality (either PO3 or IMAP can be requested dependent upon hosting package). We can help you choose and register domain names if required – such as – and whilst we’re at it … we can also offer full corporate branding and printed media services from logo design through stationery, brochures and promotional literature to branded workwear, van wraps and signage! So, whatever you need for your business, contact us and see what we can do!

Tailor-made solutions for all your online marketing, advertising and promotion needs.

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Our core team, for all your business online marketing, promotion and advertising needs.

Online Marketing
David Powell

Extensive experience in online marketing, advertising and lead generation and affiliate marketing

Web Design
Andy Doherty

Over 20 years experience in web design, development and Internet technologies

Senior Developer
Ronald Feng

Many years experience in the coding and development of bespoke business systems

Social Media & Content
Julie Ritchie

Content writing, content curating and social media marketing specialist